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Frequently Asked Questions

Which Database Engines Can LeapFrogBI Deploy To?

SQL Server 2008, 2008R2, 2012, 2014, 2016, 2017.  The LeapFrogBI Platform uses the SQL Server relational engine, SQL Server Integration Services, SQL Server Reporting Services, and the SQL Server Agent. The platform creates SQL Server Integration Services packages which carry out the prescribed behavior.

Is My Data Source Supported?

A huge array of data sources are supported.  If your data is structured and accessible via ODBC, OLEDB, flat file, Excel, or API, then the platform can consume it.  There are too many data sources to list them all.  Contact us if you have a unique data source you want to consume, and we will test it out for you.

Which Internet Browsers are Supported?

Any modern internet browser will work fine.  IE, Edge, Firefox, Chrome, and Safari are all good options.

How do I Download the App?

You don’t.  The LeapFrogBI Platform is a software-as-a-service application.  There is nothing to install.  All you need is an internet connection and a browser.  Isn’t SaaS awesome!

How does LeapFrogBI Connect to my data source?  Do I need to open a port?

The LeapFrogBI Platform never connects to your data source or your destination database.  Your data never leaves your secure environment.  Instead, the platform generates SSIS packages which you will download into your secure environment.  Once these packages are executed they will connect to your data sources and the target database using the method you select when designing your solution.

My data is really dirty.  Can the LeapFrogBI Platform help?

Dirty data is something we are all too familiar with.  There is no magic solution to cleaning up dirty data, but the platform can certainly help you get the most benefit out of your current data.  Sometime exposing data issues is the first step to solving them.

My data is in the cloud.  Can the platform Collect it?

There are many types of cloud data sources, and we have dealt with a large number of them.  In short, yes, but exactly how is a question we cannot answer without learning more about your data source.  There is nearly always a way to collect your source data if the application provider allows it.  Contact us, and we will dig into the details with you.

How can the LeapFrogBI Platform possibly accelerate my data solution development?

Every solution is unique yet every solution has common core requirements.  The LeapFrogBI Platform automates things that we do all of the time such as stage, consolidate, and load dimensions.  You need to know your data in order to tell the platform what it needs to do which is what makes the LeapFrogBI Platform a tool and you a human.  The platform converts these requirements into metadata which can then be used to generate corresponding assets.

How do I get started?

Simple.  Sign up for  free trial and start using the platform today.  You will receive links via email to short training videos shortly after signing up.  As always, we are here to help.  Let us know if you get stuck.

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