Before You Invest in Data Warehouse Automation Software, Get The Facts!

Why Automate?

Data warehouse ETL programming is incredibly challenging, and typically accounts for 70% of total project effort.

ETL automation can eliminate 90% of ETL development hours, significantly reducing costs and making it possible to apply modern, agile development principles to BI projects to improve outcomes.

Today there are several ETL automation tools to choose from, and they vary considerably in features and price, so it’s a good idea to evaluate them all carefully before making this investment.

Why Choose LeapFrogBI?

The LeapFrogBI Platform offers several important advantages. These include an array of powerful features, and the lowest price by far of any tool in its class.

LeapFrogBI is also a cloud application so you can avoid the need to download, install or maintain any software. Full product support is included in the price, and one license can be shared by an unlimited number of users within the company.

Using LFBI for industrial grade ETL I’m amazed at how it accelerates development, seamlessly documents, and yields a complete solution including persistent staging, parallel execution, and 360° reports. Streamlined maintenance means LFBI adeptly pays for itself. Wholeheartedly recommend!

— Rob Newkirk [Solution Architect, Willis Towers Watson]

Get To Know The Platform

Platform Introduction – 2 Minutes

Watch this short video to see how using the LeapFrogBI Platform differs from other ways of developing ETL code. You’ll immediately understand why we use it every day to deliver services to our clients.

Take the challenge

Match your ETL coding skills against LeapFrogBI. How long would it take you to develop a simple star-schema data warehouse, including one fact and four dimensions? Watch as we use the platform to do it in just 15 minutes!

Develop in the cloud without putting your data in the cloud.

The LeapFrogBI Platform gives you the best of both worlds. Access it anywhere, anytime, using any web browser. There’s no need to contend with software installation or maintenance.

When it comes to data security, using LeapFrogBI is no different from developing on premise. Your data never leaves your data center. In fact, LeapFrogBI never connects to your data sources or destinations. Instead, it utilizes only your data’s structure – its metadata – to facilitate development. When finished, LeapFrogBI generates SQL Server Integration Services (SSIS) packages that you can download and deploy.

As we planned for a data mart project it became clear that ETL alone would consume almost half of all our resources. We ran a POC with LeapFrogBI and determined it could help us reduce our ETL costs. Our data mart was built to spec in a fraction of the time and we had budget left to improve other parts of our scope.

— Alex Almeida [Director of Professional Services, Sisense]

Features that will make your day

The LeapFrogBI Platform is all about enabling you to build, extend, and modify your data solution efficiently.  What is efficiency?  Automate repetitive tasks.  Work at the highest level a task allows.  Use heuristics.  Or in other words, when we find a problem that seems to be wasting time, find a smart way to solve that problem without brute force.

How does LeapFrogBI compare to
Wherescape Red and TimeXtender?

(hover for details)

Upfront Cost

Ongoing Cost

Product Updates

Supported Data Sources

Stage & Consolidate

Operational Data Store

Data Warehouse

Dimensional Modeling

Cube Generation

Deploy to SQL Server

Zero Post-Deployment Dependencies

Generate Native Code

Target Schema Managed

Multiple Environment Support

Automated Load Execution

Load Status Notifications

Load Monitoring

Easy Load Rollback

Incremental Load

Change Detection

Unlimited Customization

Visual Data Flow Diagram

Data Lineage Tracked

Incremental Dev (Agile)

Enforce Naming Standards

Data Dictionary


$950 per month

(no contract)


Any source

WhereScape Red

$50,000 per developer

20% of purchase

cost every year

Download and install

Any source


$50,000 per server

+ $4,000 per developer

20% of purchase

cost every year

Download and install

Any source

LeapFrogBI’s ability to catch changes that cause dependent packages to need revising is key to iterative BI releases. Because LeapFrogBI was designed to accommodate SCRUM teams, it enables promotion of assets through your development, test, and finally production environments.

Jayme Edwards [Senior Consultant & Author, Powerdelivery]

LeapFrogBI Platform $950

per month

Hyper-Fast ETL Automation

Unrestricted Company Wide Access
Unlimited Users
Dedicated Support
Persistent Staging Area Creation
Operational Data Store Creation
Data Warehouse Creation
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